Experience the summer on two wheels with us

Embark on an adventure across the stunning landscapes of Bjärehalvön, all from the seat of a bicycle. Immerse yourself in the beauty of verdant fields, enchanting forests, and the serene sea. Our cycling routes cater to all fitness levels, ensuring an enjoyable journey for every cyclist.

We provide a comprehensive bike rental service, accommodating both professional cyclists and leisure riders. Our range includes traditional women’s bikes, road bikes, children’s bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, and even accessories like bike trailers and child seats. You have the flexibility to rent for any duration, from a single day to a full two weeks. Please note, during our busy tennis week, we recommend making your booking well in advance.

Once you’ve secured your booking through our system, simply specify your preferred delivery time and location. We offer a convenient delivery and pick-up service for rental bikes across the entirety of Bjärehalvön, extending to Halmstad, Ängelholm, Laholm, and Torekov. Just indicate your desired location and time during booking, and we’ll ensure your bike is there when you need it. Embark on your cycling adventure with us!

How to rent a bike

Place & Time

Choose where and when you want to rent a bike. Add items you wish to rent to the shopping cart and follow the instructions.


You make the payment when you book your bike online. Cancellation can be made 48 hours before the rental period. An order confirmation is sent to the specified e-mail address.

Pick up

Delivery of the bicycle takes place at the chosen destination.

Upon delivery, you will receive help to set the saddle height and instructions on how the bike works.

We deliver the bike to you

Different bike types


Our classic women’s bike is perfect for urban commutes or leisurely countryside rides. This comfortable bicycle comes with a practical basket and a foot brake for added convenience.


Our hybrid bike model is a versatile all-rounder, designed for comfort across various terrains. Its upright seating and large tires ensure a smooth ride, regardless of the surface. Equipped with an 8-gear system, it allows for effortless shifting, making it ideal for both flat and hilly landscapes.


Do you need extra storage or are the children too young for their own bicycle? We various strollers and child seats that are easily connected to the luggage rack that fit electric bikes and standard bikes


Our road bike model is ideal for those seeking regular exercise or wishing to explore their local area at a brisk pace. We offer a variety of models and accessories, catering to everyone from beginners to professional cyclists.


Suitable for longer distances or if you want a little extra help on the uphills. The electric motor helps you up to 25 km/h. You choose how much help you want from the engine through a display on the handlebars.

Bicycle racks

We have various bike racks for the car for rent. Depending on the type of bike and number.



Our mountain bike model is perfect for those seeking adventure in tougher terrains or off-road trails. It features an adjustable front suspension system, providing enhanced comfort even on challenging surfaces.


Of course the children will go on the bike ride. We have children's bikes in various sizes and models. (20"-26").


If you need a helmet, cycling shoes, cycling computer or something else, we have most of it.

*In our bicycle range there are different types of bicycles and accessories, the images are only examples from our range.

For larger groups or long-term rentals, you are welcome to contact us for a quote.